Shaaanxo x BH Cosmetics Palette ❤️

The best feeling is checking your tracking number at work to see 'Delivered'...

I was so excited to rush home and open my new baby, I've been patiently waiting for about a week and a half, waiting for the day when I walk up to the front door and see the little brown box that is my new love. That poor box got ripped open faster than me clicking buy now on the 50% off shaaanxo palette.. 

If you've been living under a rock for a while and you don't know who Shaaanxo is then you're missing out. She's a beauty YouTuber and vlogger and she from New Zealand which makes her 10 times better. 
Her and BH Cosmetics teamed up to make this beauty... 

I love the packing of this palette, it's so pretty and pink and they've really done and amazing job on the look and feel of the palette. The actual packaging of the palette is so sturdy and doesn't feel like you'd break it if you were to accidently drop it (do not recommend) 

So this palette has 9 eye shadows and 9 lipsticks. Double sided for double the fun! 

I've never tried any of the BH Cosmetics products, but the eye shadows on this palette are so creamy, pigmented and blendable. I've always chosen nude/brown/gold colours so this palette is amazing for me! I love all the colours, and can see myself using most of the colours.. Eeee! So excited! 

So when I bought this palette I liked a few of the lipstick shades but weren't sure how I felt about a few of them. Once I started swatching them I quickly fell in love with each colour. They're all so wearable, pigmented and smooth. The fourth colour from the bottom of the swatches is amazing!! 

If you don't have this palette, you need it! It's such a good price, amazing pigmentation and supports such a hard working YouTuber. Go get it! 

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