What I Got For My Birthday | HAUL

I love seeing haul videos/blog posts and seeing as it was my birthday last week I thought I'd share with you my birthday haul! I've included the main few presents I got - I received a few other little gifts like jewellery and other little travel items but below are the main presents :) 


I've always had a love for Lush, it's hard not to walk past the store and not pop in to see new items. I was so happy when I received the 'All The Best' Lush Gift Box from my dad. I've never had a Lush gift box, but know they are amazing! This box didn't disappoint.. 


'Honey I Washed The Kids' Soap
"A caramel-scented soap that lifts your mood and soothes and softens skin. Gentle enough to wash young skins, it’s like washing with crème brûlée in solid form. This soap contains mood-brightening sweet wild orange and bergamot oils as well as the soothing properties of honey and aloe vera gel." - Lush website 

I could sit and smell this soap all day! It looks like a slab of caramel fudge, and smells like it too! My favourite desert is creme brulee and this soap makes me crave it that much more!.The soap is very smooth and I can't wait to try it out. I've never tried a soap bar from Lush but if it's anything like their shower gels then I won't be disappointed.

'Rub Rub Rub' Shower Scrub
"Rub Rub Rub is a bit of a variation on the normal shower gel. Sea salt is gently exfoliating, extra cleansing and mineral-rich. After scrubbing, it dissolves in water, leaving your plughole free of blockages. This new blue scrub is startlingly refreshing, with a dash of lemon juice and the tropical scent of mimosa blossom. Just hop in the shower and rub, rub, rub!" Lush website

The first thing I noticed when I opened this scrub is the colour! It's a really bright blue colour, like the ocean. It is such a fresh and clean smelling scrub. I've used other scrubs by other brands and they always smell overly sweet and heavy, but this scrub smells so amazing! I can't wait to use this product.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 
"A beautiful rose jam scented body conditioner that's fully of the most emollient, moisturising ingredients possible to feed and nourish the skin." Lush website

This body conditioner smells like rose bushes, but not the overly sickening rose smell, this smells so delicate and fresh. I've never really enjoyed rose as a fragrance, mainly because it's always smelt like 700 roses shoved into a bottle which gives you an instant headache. After smelling this, its renewed my love for roses, and I'll definitely be trying other rose products from Lush! 

'The Olive Branch' Shower Gel
"If your body is beaten by the rigours of the rat race, accept an olive branch. The Olive Branch has a welcoming, Mediterranean warmth to it, with fairly traded olive oil to soften your skin, an infusion of vine leaves, mineralising sea salt and the fresh juice of mandarins. When you wash with this one, your mind will be whisked away to mandarin groves and sunny beaches." Lush website

This bottle of shower gel reminds me of holiday! Olive Oil is such a nice, soothing smell to me and mixed with all the other good things in this bottle make me want to hop onto a plane and go somewhere exotic where I can sit somewhere under a tree. Like all the other products in this box, it smells fresh but light and not overly heavy smelling. 


In 2017 I'm planning on moving over to the UK for two years to travel and work. I'm really looking forward to going somewhere I've hardly explored, and being able to live so close to other countries is going to be amazing! I didn't know I was getting these books, but now that I have them I realise how handy they're going to be! 

Lonely Planet - Pocket Paris. 
This little pocket sized book is going to be the best for travelling through France. It includes little phrases that you can use (like how to ask for a drink etc) as well as must see sights, including the Eiffle Tower of course! 

Lonely Planet - Discover Europe
This book is a lot bigger than the Paris book, but it's packed full of things to do and see in Europe. I've hardly travelled through Europe so having this book will really come in handy when I'm on the train going somewhere and I can read up about the place. So handy!

Lonely Planet - Best Ever Travel Tips
This little book is so cute and fun! It includes little tips and tricks on travelling and packing, like what time it's best to book flights, how to pack, what to look out for when travelling etc. It covers the basic things that you don't really think about before heading off! 


My big, main present that I got for my birthday! I currently have a nice laptop but it's a few years old and has some cracks and dents and is a bit heavy. I was looking at getting a new laptop before travelling and my birthday was the perfect time to upgrade. I chose the MacBook Air because (like it's name) it's thin and light and would be a lot easier to travel with. It's about half the size of my currently laptop and probably weights more than half of what my current laptop weights.

I chose the 13" MacBook Air, 8GB RAM. I originally chose the 11" but found it might be harder to edit pictures/videos so decided to go for the 13" instead. I'm glad I did because the 13" is much easier to read and see! The only problem is stopping myself from buying all the cool cases that they have for it on eBay..