My 2016 Goals and Resolutions ❤

We're almost a month into 2016 and I wanted to write a post about what I want to achieve this year/things I want to work on. At the end of 2016 I want to look back at this and be able to see how well I've done (or how shocking haha) 

Every year I set myself a goal like 'be healthy' or 'exercise more' and I never really stick by it, so this year I'm not setting a particular goal, I'm just setting things I want to do more/achieve. Hard to explain but you'll see once I start explaining (I hope)


 MORE ORGANISED - I realised I am extremely un-organised, with my course work, my job, as well as my blog. This year I want to be more organised, I want to upload a blog post at least once a week (still deciding the day) and I want to be on top of things. I get stressed and being un-organised is not helping! 

 SAY YES - So cliché it makes me want to vomit, but I say no a lot because it's easier to say no than to actually commit to something. I've missed out on many things because it was too easy to say no. I'm going to be saying yes, I want to get out of my comfort zone and do things I wouldn't have done last year because I said no. 

 TRAVEL MORE - I love travelling, I love going to new places and exploring. I never travel enough and that's mainly because of my finances, but this year I got a new passport as my old one had run out. I realised in 5 years I've only travelled 3 places overseas. I want to explore more (like the previous goal) and go to places I would've never thought about going in 2015. 

 LOOK AFTER MYSELF - this is another (kinda) cliché one (bleh) but I need to put myself first sometimes and there's been a few occasions where I've put myself aside to tend to others. Although I could never stop, I want to be able to look after myself and put myself first sometimes. I need to get my anxiety sorted and my stress problems, but I've been to busy with other peoples problems that I push mine aside until it gets too bad to handle. Not this year! 2016 is the year of kicking anxieties butt!! 

What are your goals/resolutions for 2016? 


  1. I love reading people goals and resolutions :) I've linked my post below for you to check out :) Fab post :)


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