Things to do in Queenstown, NZ ❤ TRAVEL

I recently got back from a four day holiday in Queenstown, New Zealand and really enjoyed the activities I did, so I thought I'd write a list of my favourite things to do if you are to ever visit Queenstown.

Queenstown in located near the bottom of the South Island of NZ. In the winter the mountains around Queenstown are covered in snow and makes amazing pictures! If you've never been, you definitely need to visit.

I also made a YouTube video of my weekend -

Underwater Observatory 
Main Town Pier - $10 per person (adult)
After going down a few flights of stairs, you are underwater and looking at the many types of fish that call Lake Wakatipu home.. On a nice day, you can see trout, salmon, eels and even ducks swimming around and eating. My favourite part is the feeder (which costs $1 but it's so worth it!) push the button and it feeds the fish (and a few cheeky ducks) which causes an underwater frenzy! A simple activity but definitely on of my favourites!

AJ Hackett Zip Ride
Kawarau Bridge - $50 per ride (discounts available)
I bought the 3 ride pack as a birthday present for my boyfriend ($105 for 3 rides which can be shared amount people) this has to be my favourite activity of the weekend. It gets up to 60km and goes over the Kawarau River which is an amazing view from the zip ride. You can choose how you want to go down the zip ride (forward, backwards, upside down or batman style!) this is a great activity for all ages and would highly recommend if you want a bit of an adrenaline rush without doing the bungy :P

Minus 5 Ice Bar 
Beach Street - Adult entry starting from $25 (including drink)
I have seen a few ice bars but never been inside one so thought it was time to pop that ice cherry! Everything in the Minus 5 ice bar is made from ice, including the furniture, bar and glasses! It's a unique experience sitting on an ice sofa, drinking a cocktail out of a ice glass and throwing the ice glass against an ice bin after you've finished. If you've never been to an ice bar - it's something you need to experience

Skyline Gondola and Luge
Adult rides starting from $33 (some include luge rides)
One of my favourite things to do every time I'm in Queenstown is to go on the Gondola and Luge. The gondola is so peaceful and gives you an amazing view of Queenstown, you might even see someone bungy jumping next to you! The Queenstown Luge is so much fun and the hard track has so many twists and turns (and dips) which makes it even that much more exciting. Highly recommend!