My Future ❤️

I thought I'd write a bit of a different post this time, not my usual recipe or beauty or anxiety post. This post is about my dreams and ambitions for the future. I'll try limit the cheesiness, try.. 

I've always wanted to study business and one day own my own company. I wanted to be my own boss and build my company up from the ground.

Since I've started blogging (and now making videos) I've steered in the direction of having my own brand, something I can put my name towards and be proud of the products that come from it. I have so many ideas and products I'd love to include, but not limited to a specific type (not just makeup, but also beauty products and accessories) 

When I first started watching YouTube I watched shaaanxo and Zoella, two amazing YouTubers who have their own brand and products. I've been lucky enough to see how far hard work can get you from these two ladies and I too hope one day I can have my own brand. 

It's going to take a lot of work, which I'm more than ready to tackle, but I'd love it if you'd stick with me through this journey! (There had to be some cheesiness in this post! 😂 )