I have been loving a few products lately, so thought I'd share them for my favourites. My skin has been breaking out a lot lately (thanks stress!) and some of the products below have really helped to clear my skin so fast! Lets get started...

Body Shop
Vitamin E Cream Cleanser
This product has featured quite a bit on my blog, but it is so good that it's hard not to rave about it. I use this almost every night. I rub about a pea sized amount over my face and then wipe it off with a cotton pad with a bit of micellar water on.. It clears my skin up so fast and makes my skin feel amazing!

Mud Mask
This mask is my favourite mask. It's a dupe for the Glam Glow mask (apparently, although I've never tried Glam Glow) but it dries quick, and then after about 10 minutes you can see the oil coming out of your skin. It's a bit gross, but so fascinating at the same time. I mainly use this on my T-Zone and on my chin, the main oily areas! This was such a good price, and has lasted me a really long time.

Match Perfection Foundation
This foundation has recently gone through a bit of an overhaul, and has had it's formula improved so much! The first time I tried this foundation (the old formula) I found it was too sticky, and needed a lot of powder to make it not shine so much. The new formula now erases pores, and 24 hour moisture (without having that 'just been for a 10km run' sweat look) which has improved this foundation so much! I sometimes even prefer this over my MAC foundation. If you're on a budget, then definitely try this foundation!

AC On Tour Palette
I only ever used to bronze, and not contour my face but one day I decided I'd give in and purchase a contour palette. I had heard a few people talk about the Australis one, so I decided I'd start with this.. I am now obsessed with this palette, the highlighters in this palette are so pretty, but also very subtle at the same time which makes it great for wearing everyday. The contour colours can be a bit muddy if you go in with a brush packed with it, so my tip would be to go very light handed and build it up. It's a very pigmented palette so tread carefully! But nonetheless, I love it!


  1. I love that Sephora mask! So glad to have discovered your blog! x
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