eBooks!! ❤ eBook Review

Lately I've been really getting into reading, it all started on the way to Sydney for the cruise.

I bought a book in Sydney at a book shop and finished it within 2 days on the cruise (I couldn't put it down!) and found out that there were 2 other books in the series..

The book was called 'Did I Mention I Love You?' or 'DIMILY Trilogy' and it is about a girl, Eden, who falls in love with her step-brother. A really good read, probably one of my favourite books!

On the way back from Sydney, I couldn't find the second book in any shops, so I went online and found an eBook store had the second book online, for only $2.99! I instantly bought it, and on the 3 hour flight home I almost finished the whole book. This converted me to eBooks.

I bought the eBook off kobobooks - their prices are really good, and they also have a free eBook section, so they don't cost you anything! I have read a few of the free eBooks and they're also really good. They also have an app, which makes it really convenient to read offline.

If you've been thinking about reading eBooks, I definitely recommend you do! I am obsessed with it now, and am always on the hunt for another good book.

And just to sweeten the deal - click this link (http://share.kobo.com/x/xQucl7), sign up to kobobooks.com and you'll get a FREE $5 to spend!
Let me know what book you buy with your free $5 :)