NEW CALEDONIA ❤ Royal Caribbean Cruise

I was lucky enough to go on a cruise with my family and some family friends. We went on an 8 day South Pacific cruise with Royal Caribbean. I had the most amazing time, one of my favourite holidays so far and I can’t recommend cruises enough now! I loved it so much I had to write a blog post about it!

The cruise timetable –
Day one – Sea day
Day two – Sea day
Day three – Sea day
Day four – Noumea, New Caledonia
Day five – Lifou, Loyalty Island
Day six – Isle of Pine
Day seven – Sea day
Day eight – Sea day

The boat we were on was called ‘Radiance of the Seas’. Radiance is a 13 story ship. It includes a rock climbing wall, mini golf course, casino, 2 swimming pools, 3 spa pools, hydro slides, basketball court, night club, teen disco, theatre, and many more activities!
On the days that we sailed, we were never short of things to do, often going to bed at 1am because we would lose track of time! If you’re ever thinking of going on holiday, definitely do a cruise!!


Noumea, New Caledonia

We docked in Noumea at about 7:30am, and caught a shuttle into the cruise information area. It was 38 degrees and it was extremely humid – I could feel myself burning even when I was sitting in the shade! We bought a day pass on a Hop on, Hop off bus tour (US$10), and jumped on it. The first stop was the markets, everything is very expensive at this market! A little wood souvenir was roughly 2,000 franc, which was about NZD$20 which is very expensive! 
Our next stop was a little shopping mall, the prices here were also expensive, and we only ended up buying a drink from the supermarket. We hopped back onto the bus and got off at a beach. At this point it was the middle of the day and very very hot! We were sitting in the shade when my mum and I decided to go for a swim, but we didn't have our togs so we just went in with our dresses on! We spent the rest of the day swimming (after we went back to the boat and got our togs) and relaxing before heading back to the boat in the late afternoon. 


Lifou (featuring Radiance of the Seas)
My favourite stop! This stop was mainly about swimming, the weather was very similar to Noumea, very hot and humid! It got very close to 38 degrees, if not more. We spent the morning swimming on the main beach, the water was so clear! We went snorkelling around the beaches and cliffs, looking for crabs and fish. We even spotted a sea turtle! 
In the afternoon we went for a walk, there is a cave about a 10 minute walk from the beach. The cave is completely black (they have installed lights so you can see) and in the middle of the cave is a water hole. The water is completely dark, and really deep! There were people jumping off rocks and weren't getting close to touching the bottom. After the cave jumping, we walked back to the beach and boarded the ship. (I got extremely burnt in Lifou, doh!)

Lifou, cave jumping


This was the most relaxing stop, we spent most of the day snorkelling before heading back to the boat. 
There was a little island about 10 metres from the shore, so we grabbed our snorkels and went swimming around the island. As we headed around we saw so many different kinds of fish. Black fish, clear fish, and even a Nemo! We carried on around the island, and when we got to the other side, there was a huge school of fish! When I say huge, I mean thousands of fish about half the side of a foot. They'd swim under you and when you kick your legs, they'd all swim away. One of the most weirdest sights! They was a big fish swimming around the school, and every now and then the little fish would just split into two groups and you'd see the big fish swim through. Such a surreal moment! We hang around those fish for a while before eventually getting out and heading back to the boat. 

I can't recommend going on a cruise enough! I absolutely loved it, and will definitely be planning the next one!
Have you been on a cruise? Let me know in the comments if you have!