What I Got For Christmas 2015 ❤

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and hope you all got spoilt as well as spending quality time with your family and friends!

I spend breakfast with my mum, then went to lunch to my boyfriends mum's house, then to my dad's for a few hours, and then to my boyfriends dad's house for dinner - it was a very tiring day! 

I got a few gifts from various family members, so below or a few of the main gifts (and some I just really liked so put them in)

My first main present was from my parents, which was an Instax Share Printer. 
I have wanted one of these printers for so long, but they've been too pricey to buy so it was the perfect gift to ask for this Christmas!

My next present was actually a set, and it was from Peter Alexander (which is a pyjama store, such a good idea!) 
I was gifted their Christmas Cracker - which contains a pair of their (extremely cute) pyjama shorts. The packaging of the cracker is so cute, and I didn't want to open it just in case I ruined the cracker - I eventually gave in and opened the cracker (without ruining it - woo!)
I also got a pink sleep shirt, which is so soft and comfortable (I went back the next day and bought another one - they are so soft!)

I have wanted a Tangle Teaser for about a year and a half, maybe even two years. I was meaning to buy one, but never got around to it, and my boyfriend decided to buy it for (which surprised me, he listened to my slight hints :P ) I love my Tangle Teaser, it makes my hair feel so soft! 

And it wouldn't be a proper Christmas without...

Mac Gift Cards