Summer Must-Haves!

I have made a list of my seven must-haves for this summer! All of these items I reach for, and would fit perfectly in summer.

Urban Decay
Naked 3 Palette
The colours in this palette are so pretty and soft - the first half of the colours are pigmented yet soft enough to rock with a maxi dress and sandles on a warm day. I think pink/rose gold colours are a must have for summer!

Strawberry Creamy Body Wash

This body wash smells EXACTLY like summer, it smells amazing, and it leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated which is a necessity during the heat!

MAC Cosmetics
Mineralised Blush - Dainty
This blush is so pretty, by far my favourite blush! It has enough pigment that it tints your cheeks, but also a bit of sparkle in it so it acts like a highlighter as well, one easy product that does both is so handy!

Soo Glow
I found this brand when I recently went to Australia, and I have to say I am so surprised by how much pay off this highlighter has! It is a cream highlighter but only the tiniest bit goes a long way. It's hands down mu favourite!

MAC Cosmetics
False Lashes Mascara (Tester)
I ordered some stuff off Sephora and got this free sample, and I must admit I reach for it every time.. It makes your lashes so much longer, and really makes them stand out. I'm definitely purchasing the ful; size product asap!

Stay Matte Pressed Powder
I was looking for a pressed powder that stays through the day (damn you oil skin!!) and this product does that! I put it on and by night I'm still shine free and my make up still feels intact. So glad I found this for summee!

MAC Cosmetics
Sushi Kiss Lipstick
My. New. Obsession. This lipstick is life and if you don't have it, then open a new tab and buy it! It's creamy, yet pigmented and is the perfect colour for summer! The coral colour is amazing, and definitely and must have!

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