HALLOWEEN ❤ How to make fake blood & Zombie Bambi

With Halloween approaching fast, I thought I would post my home made, DIY fake blood which you can make with ingredients that you'd usually have in your kitchen cupboard! 

I was playing around with a really easy Bambi look (using just eyeliner) and I loved the way it turned out. 
It's really easy and simple, and could be dressed up really well! 


I then made my own fake blood using a few items from my kitchen cupboard.
This is the recipe I used, but you can play around a bit with it to make it exactly how you want/need it!

All you need is four ingredients that are usually kept in your kitchen anyway!

  • Water
  • Red food colouring
  • Flour 
  • Golden syrup

I first added about 5 tablespoons of water into a little dish, and then added 2 tablespoons of golden syrup. I then added a tablespoon of flour and mixed it in well, and kept adding more flour until I got to the consistency that I like (I think I used about 2 tablespoons) and then added the red food colouring, adding about 3 drops to get the rich blood red colour.

Let me know what you dress up as for Halloween!

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