About Me [Tag]

Get to know me a bit better! Enjoy :) 

1.Do you have a middle name? 
Jane :)

2. What was your favourite subject in school? 
I loved maths! Everyone hated going to maths, but I loved it! I’m not sure why but it was my guilty pleasure.

3. What’s your favourite drink?
I love Ice Tea, especially peach and raspberry!

4. Favourite song at the moment? 
Right now – Kingdom Come by Demi Lovato but it changes weekly :P

5. What would you name your children? 
I’m not sure on exact names, but I’d love something that can shortened into a nickname like Rebecca

6. Do you participate in any sports? 
I used to play netball and I loved it so much, would love to start playing again

7. Favourite Book? 
Girl Online, and I’m currently reading Girl Online: On Tour :D

8. Favourite Colour? 
Pink, by far!

9. Favourite Animal? 
Wombat!! I got to hold a wombat in Australia and I died.

10. Favourite perfume? 
Selena Gomez perfume, I think it’s just called ‘Selena Gomez’

11. Favourite holiday? 
Favourite place to go is Australia, but if I could go anywhere I’d go to America

12. Have you graduated High School? 
Yes, and still studying!

13. Have you been out of the Country? 
I was born in South Africa, moved to New Zealand, and travel back to South Africa every 2 or so years, and overseas once or twice a year :)

14. Do you speak any other Languages? 
I understand Africaans but can’t speak it

15. Do you have any siblings? 
I have a brother and a half brother

16. What’s your favourite store? 
Kmart. If you live in NZ or Australia then you’ll understand :P

17. Favourite Restaurant? 
Hmm.. That’s hard. I think anywhere that serves pasta is good :P

18. Did you like school? 
I left school early due to health issues, but I did enjoy school

19. Favourite YouTubers? 
Zoella, PointlessBlog, Shaaanxo, BrittneyLeeSaunders, ThatcherJoe (and pretty much every other UK Bloggers)

20. Favourite Movie? 
Friends with Benefits – love both Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in it!

21. Favourite Tv show? 
Young and Hungry, and Bobs Burgers!

22. Pc or Mac? 
PC currently, but wouldn’t say no to a Mac upgrade!

23. What phone do you have? 
iPhone 6 - Gold

24. How tall are you?
5’5 or 165cm roughly

13 Personal Questions:

1. What do you order at Starbucks? 
Caramel Frappuccino with cream mmm….

2. One thing in your closet you cannot live without? 
Leggings, they go with everything!

3. What’s one thing most people probably don’t know about you? 
I did the odd modelling job back in the day :P

4. Name one thing you want to do before you die… 

5. What’s one food you cannot live without? 

6. What quote/phrase do you live by? 
“A lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”

7. What’s your most listened to song on iTunes? 
Bangerz by Miley Cyrus haha!

8. What kind of style would you define yourself as having? 
I don’t really have a style, I just buy what looks pretty and throw things together and hope they match haha!

9. Favourite number? 
13 – the day I was born :)

10. Two Hobbies? 
Does eBay count as a hobby? And Netflix :P

11. Two Pet Peeves? 
People who eat with their mouths open, and sniffing. Bleeeh

12. Guilty Pleasures? 
Netflix, all day every day!