MAC Lipstick

My first four MAC lipsticks, so I was so excited to be able to try them on and wear them! I'm sure you'll notice the matte theme I went with :)

Left to right:
Relentlessly Red, Candy YumYum, Flat Out Fabulous, Velvet Teddy

Relentlessly Red 
Retro Matte
"Bright pinkish coral matte"

I love this shade of red, it's not too much of a harsh red as some colours, and I'm in love with the more coral bright pinks, rather than a deep red, so this colour is perfect!
It is a Retro Matte, so it is quite drying. It's not as easy to apply as a matte lipstick, but once it's on I hardly notice how matte it is. 

Candy YumYum
Neon pink

My favourite pink of all time! Whenever you walk into a MAC store, they have the stand with all the lipsticks on, I always gravitated towards this colour. This colour is bright, so not really an every day colour, but definitely one I'll always wear out!

Flat Out Fabulous - Retro Matte
Bright plum matte

I chose this colour as it would be easy to wear during the day, as well as wearing it out at night. It's such a classy colour, but easily wearable at night. Again, it is a Retro Matte and it is a bit harder to apply compared to other finishes.

Velvet Teddy - Matte
Deep-tone beige

This was the colour I was most excited to try on, I had never swatched it, didn't even know if it would suit me, but with all the Kylie Jenner hype (and the fact it was sold out in New Zealand) I thought it would be a good risk to take, and I'm so glad I did, because this colour is sooooo amazing. Such an easy to wear colour, I wore it during the day, changed my eye makeup and wore it at night, so easily adaptable. I now know why it's sold out!
It is a matte, but it doesn't feel matte at all, and goes on so nicely.

So that was how I lost my MAC lipstick virginity! I'm so happy with all the colours!
Make sure to leave a comment if you've tried any of these, and any other colours you loved and that I should try next!

Michelle <3

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